In a previous blog post, we discussed what cosmetic injectable fillers do & typically how long they last. In short, cosmetic fillers are a temporary solution to the changes that come along with aging. Signs of aging, such as wrinkles, frown lines & crow’s feet can be treated and reversed by the use of cosmetic fillers. At Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery we carry leading cosmetic injectables such as Botox, Juvedérm Voluma, Volbella, Kybella, & Radiesse.  With so many options there’s sure to be confusion about what is best for you. Below you will find information pertaining to popular cosmetic injectables that we recommend for a number of patient needs.


Kybella is an FDA approved injectable that is used to reduce moderate to severe fat below the chin, submental fat also called “double chin”. Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery providers are trained specifically in administering Kybella and are experienced in the use of cosmetic injectables. If your goal is to reduce chin fat, look at our Kybella gallery, and consider a consultation today.


One of the more popular cosmetic fillers is Botox. Botox is used for the treatment of certain facial lines and most commonly used on forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. The procedure takes approximately ten minutes to complete and there is minimal downtime following each procedure. If you are concerned about any of these areas, Botox is the right choice for you. To view our incredible results with Botox, click here.


For clients looking to give sagging cheeks a lift, to soften smile lines or plump the lips, Juvedérm Voluma would be the best options. Juvedérm is an FDA approved filler which instantly corrects age-related volume loss to different areas of the face, improves the appearance of fine lines and adds volume to the lips.  The results are subtle and can last for up to two years.  Juvedérm is the market standard for cosmetic fillers and is one of the most popular injectables amongst our patients.


For patients looking to soften and reduce facial lines between the nose and mouth including smile lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds, also known as parentheses lines, Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery offers Radiesse. Radiesse is an FDA approved cosmetic injectable that contains small microspheres (particles) suspended in a gel-like solution. These microspheres are comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance naturally found in the body. Once injected into the skin, Radiesse begins to stimulate natural collagen growth, causing new tissue to develop for extended results up to two years.

To schedule a consultation, contact Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery today. Our team of experienced providers, Dr. Seth Jones, Dr. Michael Loffredo and Zara Bogorff, RN will sit down with you to discuss the best treatment for your individual needs and will work with you to get you the very best results.

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