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Dr. Seth Jones & Dr. Michael Loffredo are some of the most experienced and highest-rated plastic surgeons in all of Massachusetts. They have worked with thousands of patients to help them meet their specific goals. Your anatomy and your desired results will determine the specific method chosen for your breast lift. The procedure can be performed as outpatient surgery and involves only a limited time off from work.  The surgeons at Cape and Islands Plastic Surgery are able to offer the SPAIR augmentation mastopexy technique to women considering breast lift surgery in the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts area.  This short scar technique helps to limit overall scarring and helps improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast.*

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

There are a variety of different procedures that can change the size or shape of an individual’s breast. For many, the first they might think of when they hear the phrase “breast augmentation” is a mastopexy. A mastopexy, also known as a breast lift is a surgical procedure that changes the size and shape of the breasts. Our experienced board-certified Plastic Surgeons can help you pick the right procedure for your specific body goals.

Your Guide To Breast Augmentation Surgery

Both Dr. Loffredo and Dr. Jones have years of experience helping thousands of patients get their dream results. Your journey starts with a simple consultation with our surgeons. During this time they can discuss different procedures, implant options, and the details of the procedure. Here at Cape & Islands Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on our communication with our patients throughout the entire process. Getting cosmetic surgery is a large and life-changing decision, we want to make sure you have all the information you need from what to expect during the procedure to post-care. 

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Breast Implant Options

During the consultation process, our surgeons will help you not only choose which procedure but also which implants are best for your goals. Implants differ based on material as well as profile. Breast implants are typically made with silicone gel or are saline filled. The material can change how they feel. Another thing to consider is the profile. Profiles are usually measured from low to moderate to high and ultra-high. Profile affects how the implants will project from the chest. Low profiles are often used for women with wider chests while moderate and high profiles are used for women with narrower chests. During your meeting with our surgeons they will walk through the various options and help you choose your brand, materials, and the profile. 

Before After

What Happens During A Breast Augmentation Procedure?

After your consultation you will will schedule your surgical appointment with our team. The first step of the procedure is to administer anesthesia. Your surgeon will recommend intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. An incision is made and your surgeon will begin the process of reshaping your breast and adding the implants. After this they will close the incision. The results of a breast augmentation surgery are immediately necessary. Following the surgery, your surgeon will provide with post-care instructions. 

Breast Augmentation Post-Care

Immediately After The Procedure

After your surgery, you will be taken into a recovery area and monitored. Typically after an hour or so you will be permitted to go home. Before you leave. you will be given specific postoperative instructions.

Support Garments (Bras or Elastic Bands)

Your surgeon will provide you with a support garment (usually a bra or an elastic band) that you will wear around the clock as instructed by your surgeon. You may also need to cleanse the incision sites periodically.

Follow Up Appointments & Returning to Work

It is recommended that you rest for a period of time after the surgery and take time off of work. Your surgeon will tell you exactly how long to rest when to return to work, and when to resume normal activity and exercise.

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