This is considered the gold standard of all the cosmetic surgery procedures of the abdomen. It is by far the surgery that accomplishes the most; however, it is also a longer and more involved surgery. Patients stay overnight in the hospital for one night. This way Dr. Loffredo and Dr. Jones can provide their abdominoplasty patients with appropriate pain control and the nursing care they need.  Our surgeons usually recommend two weeks off from work.

An abdominoplasty removes sagging abdominal skin and fat. In addition, Dr. Jones and Dr. Loffredo plicate or tighten the true abdominal wall (muscle). This muscle often gets stretched out during pregnancy and does not go back to its original shape.


Another consideration that all women need to be aware of is that an abdominoplasty leaves a scar on the abdomen. In order to remove the excess skin, there needs to be a long incision. All incisions will leave a scar, though it will fade with time. Our surgeons will place the scar as low as possible.*

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

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