Thigh Lift

With aging, skin gets loose and flabby as natural elasticity disappears. For women who have lost large amounts of weight, the elasticity of the skin has been further compromised, resulting in areas that sag considerably. Many massive weight loss patients find that their thighs are one of these areas that sag considerably. A thigh lift is designed to excise surplus skin. When an extensive thigh lift is performed, it usually results in a vertical scar (inner back of leg) as well as the scar at the junction of the leg and torso. Because a vertical scar is required to address sagging from slightly below the thigh to the knee, it is important that patients weigh the improvement in skin sag against that of a permanent scar on the leg.

This surgery takes about 2½ hours and generally requires an overnight. Dr. Jones and Dr. Loffredo usually have thigh lift patients wear a compression garment for at least two weeks. Our surgeons will also prescribe pain medication post-operatively to make thigh lift patients comfortable. Patients should plan on needing 1 – 2 weeks off from work after a thigh lift procedure. Post-operatively, thigh lift patients need to be prepared that sitting down can be uncomfortable, more so than other cosmetic surgery procedures. This is because the position of sitting often places additional pressure on the incisions. However, patients usually figure some way to position themselves, in order to be comfortable. They can slowly resume their exercising, starting at 2 weeks, and reaching normal exercise levels at 6 weeks.*

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

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