Our practice finds that the fall and winter can be an opportune time of the year to have a cosmetic procedure. Patients typically choose to undergo surgery during this time of year for many reasons. Some patients have a personal preference as to when the right time is for their procedure, but if you’re unsure about when to schedule your procedure, below are some of the reason why scheduling your procedure in the fall or winter might be the right choice for you.

Recovery Time

Many patients are hesitant to undergo procedures such as Mommy Makeovers or Breast Augmentation  due to the length of recovery time associated with them. Both procedures can have a recovery time of multiple weeks depending on swelling and bruising. Vacation time paired with holiday time off makes the fall and winter an opportune time to schedule cosmetic surgery while not missing large amounts of work.

Conceal Swelling & Bruising

As with most cosmetic procedures, there is a chance of swelling and bruising, which can be difficult to conceal during the warm summer months. For patients who choose to keep their surgery discreet, scheduling a procedure in the fall and winter allows patients to take advantage of wearing more clothing and accessories during recovery which can conceal indications of surgery until completely healed.

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